Elm-update-builder: First Release

Hi! I’ve released the first version of elm-update-builder, a library to compose a complex update function from primitive functions.

This enables you to build readable update function. For example, you can translate following processing flow to the code bellow.

* Check if inputs are valid
    * When invalid:
        * Change to display errors
    * When valid:
        * Submit the answers to the backend server
        * Make form status busy
Update.with validateForm
    [ Update.onErr
        [ \_ -> showError
    , Update.onOk
        [ submit
        , \_ -> makeFormBusy

More detailed information can be found in the README.
Feel free to give feedback or ask questions. :seedling:


You did it again, I saw the goat and instantly liked the package. :smiley:

The package looks interesting. I will try it out for my next project.

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