Elm-vega: Declarative visualization for Elm

I’ve now published Elm-Vega which allows you to create declarative data visualization specifications with Elm. It generates Vega-Lite JSON that can easily be rendered in a web page. Future work will concentrate on allowing full Vega specifications to be generated through the same API.

The best way to get a sense of what Elm-Vega is capable of doing is to have a look at this walkthrough. It is not meant to compete directly with the excellent Elm-Visualization package as Elm-Vega uses higher level (i.e. more concise but less flexible) approach that is better suited to quick and easy generation of standard visualization types.

While I’ve posted this in ‘show and tell’, I welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvements/additions, either here or an ‘Issue’ on github.


Jo Wood
giCentre, City University of London, UK.