Elm vs React (Speed)


Has this benchmarking been updated to compare 0.19 with React at all?

Was just curious how Elm compares these days, and if it’s still out in front.


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The most comprehensive benchmarks I know of are here https://github.com/krausest/js-framework-benchmark

They link to a snapshot of all the latest versions of things here https://rawgit.com/krausest/js-framework-benchmark/master/webdriver-ts-results/table.html

You can select which frameworks you want to see, so I will usually look at a selection like:

  • vanillajs-keyed
  • elm-v0.19.1-3-keyed
  • react-v16.8.6-keyed

Elm still does well compared to the react variations I have seen, and you can check out whatever frameworks you happen to be interested in!


Thanks @evancz , and that’s also the fastest response I’ve had to any question :smile:


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