Elm-watch in action

An example of elm-watch in action:

The aha moment for me came when I realized elm-watch is not a traditional dev server – in only watches, builds, and provides a websocket port that handles the hot reloading. This means you can continue to deploy assets through the backend during development – greatly simplifies things.


We’re switching from webpack in watch mode + phoenix live reload of assets to vite in watch mode + phoenix live reload at work. I was curious about elm-watch+esbuild or watchexec+elm make+esbuild, but we haven’t pursued those alternatives yet.

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Our build is still slow even with vite (3-5 seconds per compile and reload cycle). In our larger apps, I am considering having a way where we can comment out all pages except one to shrink bundle size that vite has to reload when developing.

My Elm app is not huge, but I really like the build times with elm-watch – typically in 100ms range …

Nice video! :bowing_man:

Hurts to see those broken emojis in the terminal though :sweat_smile:

I was so thrilled with how it worked, I never noticed that detail :slight_smile:. Wonder if that is missing fonts, or if something messed up with terminal/tmux config …?

The :white_check_mark: emoji shows up in your browser so you seem to have an appropriate font somewhere. Maybe the terminal isn’t using it.

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