Error msg in elm repl when testing equality

Elm version 0.19.0

The elm repl identifies an error when using the equality testing operator. For example:

1 == 1
– PARSE ERROR ---------------------------------
Something went wrong with your code.
3| 1 == 1
I was expecting :

  • a declaration, like x = 5 or type alias Model = { ... }
  • the import keyword
  • a doc comment, like {-| this -}

Other comparison operators (e.g. /=, <=, >=) work as expected. Also placing the equality check in parentheses also works: (1 == 1).

Am I misunderstanding something?

This is a known bug and has an issue:

Wrapping in parentheses is the way to go until this is fixed.

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Thanks. Now I can get back to working through Richard Feldman’s book.

I also found the equality test works if there is any indentation.

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