Evan's Presentation at Swedish Meetup

I understand the frustration. I really want to use Elm at my day job, but it will be hard to convince my coworkers of an ecosystem that doesn’t accept simple bugfixes, or even typo fixes. They aren’t showstoppers, but I can understand that someone wouldn’t want to build a real world business with real money on that technology. I can ask my company to contribute a bugfix to an open source project in my job, but they will not want to pay me to maintain a complete separate fork over many years. I thought me introducing Elm at work would be important for the Elm project, but it seems I might be wrong.

I’ve heard there is a fork that incorporates bugfixes called Zokka. Unfortunately, they only fix bugs that maintain 100% compatibility to Elm.

If Evan doesn’t have the capacity for clicking the merge button, why couldn’t he invite one single trustworthy contributor to do it for him? Is there not a single trustworthy person willing to do it?