Experimental Elm SPA skeleton


I made my first public Elm thing. It’s a slightly novel approach to doing SPA in Elm. I’m interested in feedback! It’s at https://github.com/jhbrown94/experimental-elm-spa-skeleton

Like the canonical elm-spa-example, each page has its own init, view, and update functions; optionally manages a session; and manages its own state/model. It’s how the sessions and state are managed where they differ in interesting ways. In particular, where elm-spa-example is explicitly passing each Page’s view function the arguments it needs (session and page-model), experimental-elm-spa-skeleton is partially-evaluating the page-specific view function to produce a uniform result that can be bundled into a single Page type, which I think simplifies the task of adding new pages.

This is my first public work in Elm, and I’d be grateful for any and all (constructive) feedback. Thank you!



How many substantial apps have you written using this Skeleton?


zero going on one so far :slight_smile:

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