Experimentation, A/B testing, feature flags, etc

Is anyone utilizing any kind of experimentation, feature flags, or a/b testing within Elm?

I would love to hear about it, or if you’ve used something like Optimizely with Elm for any of those reasons. I kind of struggle to figure out how to integrate these kinds of things, along with things like analytics.

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Yep we use all this 3 features currently at work.

Feature flags: Main we use a config.js file that pass cross flags the feature flags and loads that into the Session inside the model.

A/B testing: mainly from URL parameters usually the tooling for A/B testing have a rerouting mechanic that replace URLs so we replace the root/path for root/path?variant=1 and base on that we decide sometimes we propagate that to the view or we call a different endpoint on the BE.

Analitycs we have a port that triggers events to GTM or analitycs so we do a Cmd.batch with the normal event + the tracking event.



Feature flags / AB Testing

So it seems like you are kind of handling that external to Elm, and then are just passing values that handle configuring which parts of the application run / are shown to users?


Cool, that’s basically what I’ve done when using it as well, luckily Elm makes it every easy since you just add that port call to the branch of the update function.

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