Explaining map & reduce with animated examples

Hi! I created some animations to explain what happens internally with map & reduce functions.
The code is open source. Any feedback is welcome !


Nice work! As a very visual person, I appreciate these a lot! :clap:

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I like the animation you’ve made @pel_daniel.

Looking back at the beginner time, when started studying about functional programming and map/folds (reduce) in the paper “Why Functional Programming Matters”. I find this animation is much more simpler to grasp and concise for the map and fold topics.

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This is lovely! What a great visualization. :heart_eyes:

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Thanks @blisscs, I should read “Why Functional Programming Matters” again.
And maybe do an Animated/Illustrated version of it :thinking:

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Thanks @rtfeldman !

You may like my work-in-progress tutorial to learn functional programming: http://lambdabricks.github.io/bricks-front-react/tutorial/

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