Exponentiation operator precedence

Hi folks,

I just started learning Elm and tried to make a plot for the bell curve: y = exp(-x^2).
Since in all languages I am aware of (Haskell, Python, Ruby, Julia), exponentiation operator has a higher precedence than an unary minus, I expected curvy_thing x = e^(-x^2) to work, but it took me half an hour to find out that in Elm unary minus has a higher precedence and I should’ve written e^(-(x^2)). This behavior is extremely confusing, and I believe it would be great to put a huge red warning in the documentation so nobody can make this mistake again. Also, maybe this behavior can be changed because it is unlikely that someone will need to write (-x)^y.


There’s an open issue about this: https://github.com/elm/compiler/issues/1530

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