[Fluff, Photo] Elm × Haskell Intersection

Hope this isn’t too offtopic, but after asking if people wanted a high-quality photo of a real intersection of these streets, I shared this on Slack a while ago. I just wanted to make it more accessible here!

I released it under a copyleft license (attribution, share-alike), so feel free to appropriate to your heart’s content.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/04/Haskell_×_Elm_Street_Intersection.jpg/1024px-Haskell_×_Elm_Street_Intersection.jpgFile:Haskell × Elm Street Intersection.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


Stop at Elm, turn to Haskell :wink:

Looks like Elm is a one-way-street! No turning back.


Found in this Haskell package!

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