Grrrr ondragover

Trying to implement some drag and drop. My code has so far used

onStopAll "dragover" NoOp


onStopAll : String -> a -> Attribute a
onStopAll evt msgCreator =
    onWithOptions evt
        { stopPropagation = True, preventDefault = True }
        (Jdec.succeed msgCreator)

It works, but gives me loads of NoOps which is affecting performance. I found and then tried:

attribute "ondragover" "return false"

That fixes everything. But what I had first tried was variations on

onSkipMsg : String -> Attribute msg
onSkipMsg evt =
    onWithOptions evt
        { stopPropagation = False, preventDefault = True }
        ( "no message")

but that didn’t seem to play nicely with the ondrop event I also need to handle. Anyone know what is the difference

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Removing the ondragover will not produce any message right? or am I missing something you are trying to do?

Just to mention it, any “on…” attribute hack is not a sustainable solution even if pretty useful. It is considered as an escape hatch in Elm to include JS code and won’t be possible in the next version.

Yes, i know that using JS is not allowed - hence this question about how to avoid the ‘escape hatch’. But having an ondragover seems to be indispensable in theory and in practise

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