Help with community research!

There is a research project looking into the Elm community, and they need interviews!

We want to hear your thoughts on Elm! Whether you’ve never posted online, are a new-comer, a long-time participant, or stopped posting a long time ago, let’s talk!

We want to talk to anyone and everyone with an opinion on Elm. We’re researchers from Georgia Tech looking to do interviews about Elm for a study on how community impacts open source. We are looking for participants who have used Elm, contributed to Elm, used to contribute to Elm, or have opinions about Elm. We would love to hear from you! If you’re interested, email Ari Schlesinger at for more information.

In order to ensure confidentiality and protect your identity, this study will use anonymization techniques to ensure there is minimal risk to you. Got questions about participation and GDPR? Reach out for a copy of our privacy notice, and feel free to ask questions.

I am really excited to see what @arischlesinger finds from hearing the different perspectives! Please help out by getting in contact!


Had an interview last night. Great project to get involved in, and I think our community can provide some really decent data on what constitutes a happy, fun, productive and creative environment - along with the troubles that we face to keep it that way.

I’ve you’ve got the time (about an hour), please consider getting in contact with Ari. Her research has the potential to be instrumental in how we (and open source communities in general) can structure ourselves to minimize any internal conflicts we have, how we can grow without loosing sight of our original goals, how we can be more inclusive and what that means explicitly.


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