How to create structured data in Elm

I need something like this one.

lets say that I wanna add other attributes to div.

  <div itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype="">
    <span itemprop="streetAddress">Rua Rui Barbosa, 710</span>

Do I need to create a port for JS?

Nope, you can just use Html.Attributes.attribute.

itemProp : String -> Html.Attribute msg
itemProp =
    Html.Attributes.attribute "itemprop"

itemType : String -> Html.Attribute msg
itemType =
    Html.Attributes.attribute "itemtype"

boolAttribute : String -> Bool -> Html.Attribute msg
boolAttribute attrName isPresent =
    if isPresent then
        Html.Attributes.attribute attrName ""

    else attrName (Json.Encode.bool False)

itemScope : Bool -> Html.Attribute msg
itemScope =
    boolAttribute "itemscope"

address =
    div [ itemProp "address", itemScope True, itemType "" ]
        [ span [ itemProp "streetAddress" ] [ text "Rua Rui Barbosa, 710" ]

see it running here:


Maybe you can do something like:

Html.node "script"
    [ Html.Attributes.type_ "application/ld+json" ]
    [ Html.text (Json.Encode.encode 2 (makeLdJson model)) ]

(Where makeLdJson is some function that takes your model (or whatever) and produces some Json.Encode.Value.)

Then you don’t have to sprinkle all of it into your view.

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Is possibility to add this node to the scope of head markup?

Like that:


Thanks, my friends, I’m new in the language and I’m still a little confused.

I added built in support for JSON-LD tags to elm-pages recently.It’s prerendered in <script> tags:

Not sure if that fits with your use case or not. Under the hood, I use ports to add the tags and then pre-render the pages with puppeteer.

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You can’t change the head of a document directly using Elm, but you can do so using ports.

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Addtional to the other answers, the <script> tag is always (including within the <body>) filtered out (found on stackoverflow)

On the other hand this official doc states, that there is script available.

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Also note that json-ld can be placed in <body> just fine:

A JavaScript notation embedded in a <script> tag in the page head or body.

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Oh, I didn’t know this!

There’s seems to be a hacky workaround:


Heh, it’s good one :smiley:

I will use the server-side rendering, but your code was really helpful.

Thnx everybody for help.

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