How to parse Markdown?

I’ve been trying to understand the Parser module, and hitting difficulties with the loop concept. In particular, I asked myself how I would implement a simple Markdown parser with * for bold and _ for italic only. They could appear multiple times in a string, could be nested legally or illegally.

I’ve implemented this using a non-Parser solution, but I figure using Parser would be simpler and more elegant. But I can’t get the concept of how to do this, even after reading several examples of Parser in action.

Can anyone point me towards a solution to this?

I would suggest having a look at the code in Matthew Griffith’s elm-markup:


There is also which might be interesting for learning how to use elm/parser

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Thanks to both of you. Just what I was looking for.

I have made a complete example: . I hope this also helps you!


Many thanks. That’s a great framework for me to build on.

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