How to write backend in elm

at the moment, to write backend in elm, it seems only elm-serverless + postgrest is available? Any other approach?


I use elm-fullstack to write backends in Elm. Despite the name, using a frontend is optional with this framework. It also takes care of maintaining the Elm application state, so I don’t need any persistence or database code in the backend apps code.

If it helps, while reading about elm i came across:

Intrigued - are you using elm-serverless together with postgrest?

I’ll follow up with an update on elm-serverless in another thread.

Thanks, I will try it

Currently I tried Servant + persistent, I can write CRUD’s but not confident in haskell, as it seems complicated, while elm is much easier, so it will be great if elm can be used on backend. Took a look at elm-serverless and postgrest package, seems worthing a try.

Ok, was just curious if you were using elm-serverless together with postgrest - they don’t specifically have anything to do with each other, but no reason that you could not have elm-serverless invoking postgrest. PostgREST is not specifically an Elm backend (not written in Elm and does not run Elm code). You can also use PostgREST directly from client side Elm, if that suits the needs of your particular application.

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