How will elm-explorations work?

In the light of the “Native Code” in 0.19 post by Evan, I am curious to lean how will elm-explorations work.

For example, how will things like Robin’s elm-array-exploration happen with the new approach?

Having spent a lot of time on exploring how to deal with typed arrays, it’s a question I’m also interested in. That being said, I totally understand Evan’s approach and I think the best thing to do for now is simply to wait for alpha/release and see how it turns. I have re-prioritized my work on other things for the time being. Good or bad, hard to say but it’s the way forward.

I guess Robin would propose an exploration for arrays, a new project would be created under elm-explorations, and the work would happen there? It would be nice to have some clarity around the process though, is this what you are really asking? Can anyone propose an exploration and have that accepted, or is there some more definite set of requirements to be met, and what are those?

Yes. It is not clear to me how would someone start an exploration. Like, how would Robin have implemented elm-array-exploration under the new policy?

I’m not really interested on how an exploration would become official or installable through elm-package. That I see as remaining the same as the old way (with the difference of needing a fork/move of the exploration to the official elm-explorations organization).

What I’m interested is how would that be started.

Peter, we all agree that work like Robin’s data structure improvements is vital to the language and community. We have no intention of making that work by him or anyone else impossible or even very difficult. The reason that there is a lack of clarity around how this will work is because we don’t know how it will work, exactly. I don’t think this is an unreasonable place to be in the process because, as has been said many times, the alpha isn’t even finished. Even so, Evan has already been working with Robin to see how his goals can be achieved without disrupting Robin’s process. The hypothesis is that if Robin can do the work he wants to do then other people should be able to do similar work as well. I’m sorry there isn’t more information, but, once again, the development process is still ongoing.


I understand this. I thought that the process was already finalized. This topic can be closed now.