Html Entities (Math, Logic, etc)

I’ve been working on a variant of Markdown that can handle mathematical notation in various ways, both in the usual LaTeX way and (for light work) just using named Html entities. Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 1.35.35 PM

And here is the “source code:”

    A ⊂ B ∧ B ⊂ C ⇒ A ⊂ C

For this I copied a dictionary that maps names to unicode characters from hecrj/html-parser (the dictionary was not exposed). For my current purposes I had to add some symbols to it, e.g., the blackboard bold characters …

dict : Dict String String
dict =
    [ ( "Aacute", "Á" )
    , ( "bbA", "𝔸" )
    , ( "bbB", "𝔹" )
   , ( "to", "→" )
   , ( "from", "←" )
   , ( "Abreve", "Ă" )

After from, the dictionary is the same as that of hecrj. I’d like to expand the dictionary so as to handle all commonly used symbols in mathematics and logic — a big undertaking.
For that reason, I welcome pull requests for the dictionary code.

I will probably go through the dictionary to remove symbols that are not used in math/logic/science so as to have a more targeted resource for those who need it, but am not sure yet that this is the right approach.

A big shout-out to hecrij for his dictionary.


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