I humbly submit myself to my new necromancer overlords

Me, for context: I’m a data scientist. I’m coming two years of casual python and one year of full time python (plus eight years of daily SQL). I realized that my python code was all, well, exactly what you’d expect from somebody who uses a scripting language to process data to build models. I decided that I wanted to build an app because ideas, so I picked up the book How to Design Programs. It’s written in Lisp (Racket), and every coding project uses MVC architecture. I loved it – highly recommended! It’s like SICP but without the kool-aid, capes, and fezzes.

I finished the book in a month (including the exercises) and jumped straight into javascript. I immediately became disoriented, confused, bewildered, etc. I look for js alternatives: cljs? Maybe! Elm? No – elm’s dying. Don’t even consider it! So, I bit down a bit harder on the bullet and I tried learning React. It was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had programming to date.

Out of desperation, I decided to try Elm, even though it’s dying.

In the continental United States, the point of lowest elevation is in Death Valley, and the highest elevation is Mount Whitney. The crazy thing is that they’re less than 100 miles from each other. The drive is only 2hrs 30mins.

Elm is the best experience I’ve had in programming, and moving from js+react to Elm was like driving from Death Valley to Mt Whitney – I died and went to heaven. When using Elm, I get this uncanny experience of feeling like its creators read my mind then time traveled back to deliver the perfect tool for me at the perfect time.

Thank you everybody for contributing to this project and community. I look forward to using it as much as I possibly can. It’s everything I’ve been looking for. I humbly submit myself to my new necromancer overlords. “What is dead may never die,” etc.

Yours in undeath,


Welcome to the community my fellow lover of dying things :upside_down_face: - Elm is just getting better and better as you will soon realise! :bowing_man:


Elm is dead - welcome to the afterlife!


That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.


I’d like to believe Elm is cocooning.


Elm is in social distancing mode :stuck_out_tongue: Corona surely took its tribute … I hope the Elm Conf will happen again. Missing the talks, they were essential


What a beautiful text, I’m not an english native speaker but I enjoyed it so much. Thank you.


So glad you had a good experience learning Elm! It’s a language which has always forged its own path- with hugely influential results, too! Not everyone understands that as a feature, not a bug. Regardless, we’re here to stay, even if at our own pace haha :blush::heart:


thanks for the information.

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