I look for an English or French godfather for help me to learn Elm (GraphQL)


I try to learn Elm since 1 month. I have already read Beginning Elm, Elm Guide… and also many other Haskell documentations…

I have set myself the objective to implement this small Contact CRUD application (GitHub repo) based on:

I try unsuccessfully to implement this issue “Implement a /contact1 page which display the contact 1”, this simple GraphQL query:

query MyQuery {
  contactById(id: "1de9c987-08ab-32fe-e218-89c124cd0001") {

My call for help: :pray:

  • I look for an English or French person which would support me by Slack to implement this feature in synchronous communication mode
  • or I look for a French person which would support me by Google Meet videoconference (between 15 and 30min :thinking:) to implement this feature

If someone is interested to help me, you can contact me via:

  • Twitter: @klein_stephane
  • or Elm Slack: Stéphane Klein user in #graphql channel
  • or in this current thread

My availability: you can book the date directly here or contact me if you have other availability.

Best regards,

@joelq replied me, he will help me via #graphql Slack channel 2021-05-24 at 16:00 GTM :slightly_smiling_face:

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