IRC channel - maintainance

The IRC channel is only operated by Evan, who is again absent, same counts to the repo for the homepage and I guess some other places too.

I fully understand that he is working on other projects, while it seems that this contradicts the sense of an operator?

The page is down since months, still linked in the topic of the channel and literally nobody seems to care.

‘Let it in for a few more years’ is obviously the current approach, which is very unprofessional in my sense.

I think this shows that the Elm community is in some sense without care and this is something really really distracting for people who evaluate to use Elm in production.

Why do we need to destroy the trust of newcomers by showing them that the community is unable to update its own homepage and to handle trolls in the irc channel?

Is this really needed?

I am sure here are a lot of competent people who show since years that they are trustworthy, so I suggest to provide them with the privileges to maintain the community

Someone interested?

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I have been following the elm community for quite some time now and I can share some of my observations of how things are handled here.

Community shifts are happening (google mailing list -> discourse) but no IRC is mentionned in The community is not big enough to be maintained in all places. Slack is great for instant messaging. It’s kind of the replacement of IRC in this community. For slower, more in depth discussions, or to summup slack discussions, discourse here is great. You can use reddit also if you prefer it over discourse but I tend to prefer discussions here.

Core language evolutions are handled mainly by Evan, which is a ton of work. So few things he is responsible for (like the website, the guide, etc.) often wait for new elm versions before being updated. The limitations of this approach are well known by Evan and core contributors. Reasons for this are not relevant to your question so I’ll skip. But the current state of elm, appearing as “unmaintained” is just a consequence of those design and collaboration choices. I can’t remember where, correct me if I have false memory, but it was also said that core team members are aware of those issues. Things will be better handled after 0.19 is ready. If there is something that I’m sure of, it’s that it (the community) is maintained with extreme care by people like Brian and other core members (have a read of this post to know more about them). Stick with us and you will realize this also.

Just an example of how careful decisions are taken: The transitions from google mailing lists have been much discussed in posts like this one that was back in January 2017. You will notice that, even though Evan was in favor of moving mainly to /r/elm, this community was created 10 months later and I’m very glad of it. You can also look at discussions like this one about which categories the discourse should have to improve exchanges here etc. There are tons of examples so I’ll stop here.

In sum, just bear with us while we wait for 0.19. Things will get better then, and enjoy 0.18 in the meantime which is great already. Go to slack or here if you have any specific question.


This does change zero in a positive manner to the fact, that Evan is the only operator on this channel, it complicates the situation even more.

This forum here is also not named in your link, again simply since Evan is the only one who can accept PRs for this page and dozens of issues are untouched since over one year.

This is simply an organizational issue, IMHO.

They are completely relevant of course.

I am curious why this should be possible just then?

Me too.

@mattpiz thank you for the thoughtful reply. That’s a really good way of putting it.

@ShalokShalom You and I have discussed in other threads that organizational changes are underway. Please be patient, and review this thread: What is "constructive" input?