Will keep working and using elm, but not happy with leadership communication

I like elm. I agree with most of the technical decisions. I will keep using it at work for a while.

I don’t like being a part of a technical platform where I can’t really create an issue for compiler or core libraries. I don’t even mind if the issues aren’t read for a while or if they are read and prioritized very low and won’t be considered for years. I just want to know that there is a public backlog and that people are surfacing and prioritizing issues discovered from the countless person hours of use by production users, and all the unplanned for needs those hours surface. I understand that takes people and funding. But I don’t think there is a lack in companies willing to fund parts of elm community.

If something comes along that is 75% of elm but has staff for community management, I will switch over to that eventually, or maybe I will lower my bar and get better at writing tests in frameworks and languages that I don’t like that much.

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There are a few people in the community trying to improve on that situation, such as @rupert (A process for core library fixes and improvements - #20 by rupert) or @robin.heggelund with Gren.

I’m sure you are welcome to help those initiatives. Don’t hesitate to reach out and to join the Incremental Elm discord (geared towards builders), where these discussions often pop up.


:+1: for the Incremental Discord @kanishka , that is where Elm is evolving. I think you can find an invite link here:

As to the leadership style, I accept that Evan has every right to do to things the way he choses and essentially “owes the world nothing”.


Also, sorry for the lack of progress on bux fix stuff, paid work is just taking priority right now. I have tried to be open about process in a way that allows others to jump in to the do the hard work. There is only about 5 or 6 more pull requests to review before elm-janitor can be releasable.


You can create an issue for the compiler or core libraries in the respective GitHub repos. The contributing document explains the review cadence of those and for the most part matches what you say you wouldn’t mind.


If I ask for funding for an additional moderator on elm discourse and I get it, would elm discourse admins hire someone and have them do the tagging and steering that mods at elixir forum do?

Alternatively, if I ask for funding to hire someone to build out a documention systems similar to hex with guides and API sections, would someone be able to accept that funding and drive the project?

If so, I can ask.

Discord link join button says it’s expired

Works for me, so not sure what the problem can be.

Here is an invitation link directly generated by the discord server if that helps: Incremental Elm

Hum weird, @dillonkearns do you know what’s wrong?

Not sure what’s wrong but here’s another link that hopefully works Incremental Elm. If it doesn’t I’ll seeif there’s a bad setting somewhere in the server.

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This worked for me. Thank you.


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