Lack of *.elmi file when 0.19.1 elm version is used


I have a following issue:

I am trying to upgrade elm version of rules_elm from 0.19.0 to 0.19.1. However, I’ve found that for the following file (Spec.elm):

module Spec exposing(..)

import Expect
import Test exposing (..)
import Lib exposing(plus2)
import Main

additionTests = describe "Addition"
    [ test "two plus two equals four" <|
        \_ -> (2 + 2) |> Expect.equal 4
    , test "three plus four equals seven" <|
        \_ -> (3 + 4) |> Expect.equal 7
    , test "plus2 adds two to the argument" <|
        \_ -> plus2 2 |> Expect.equal 4
    , test "This specific Main module function always returns 5" <|
        \_ -> Main.someFunctionAlwaysReturning5 |> Expect.equal 5

the command elm make --output=unused.js Spec.elm returns an error and doesn’t produce elm-stuff/0.19.1/Spec.elmi file which is further used by the test runner. I am pretty sure that it is related with this Compiling a program with no "main" creates no output · Issue #1807 · elm/compiler · GitHub as I am getting the Case 5 output when trying to call aforementioned elm make command. When elm 0.19.0 is used, Spec.elmi is being created with no issues at all.

Can I workaround this and get somehow Spec.elmi file for elm 0.19.1?

Thanks in advance,

Note that elm-test does not read the .elmi files anymore since version 0.19.1-revision5.

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