Lamdera v1.1.0: Interactive UI source maps, auto-generated migrations and Labs

Hi all!

Super excited to share the next Lamdera release v1.1.0, with a bunch of exciting new features.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new:

  • :fire: Interactive UI source maps – on every Lamdera project you can now jump from any frontend element straight to it’s source code in your editor:
    Works for all Lamdera apps using elm/html or elm-ui based view code. No browser plugins, no changes to your code, no need to use a specific UI framework; all thanks to Elm.
    A huge thanks to @MartinS for his vision and contribution to this feature!

  • :robot::evergreen_tree: Auto-generated Evergreen migrations – Lamdera now writes 99% of your migration code for you, so type safe full-stack migrations are now way more delightful.

  • :test_tube: Labs – public release of previously hidden labs features including HTTP POST support, <head> injection and elm-pkg-js support for custom frontend JS.

Check out the release notes for the full details here:

If you’ve been holding off on trying out Lamdera, now’s a great time to give it another look.

Happy glue-free coding!


That’s so cool!!!

Interactive UI source map looks awesome! @supermario Does it work with elm-css?

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Currently elm-css isn’t supported but it shouldn’t be difficult to add support.

(This is the elm-css package everyone uses right? Html.Styled.Attributes - elm-css 18.0.0)


yeah, this package .

Time to try this out on my Lamdera app - tedious migrations were the reason I opted for backup/restore system via JSON encoders/decoders initially :slight_smile: Perhaps I won’t need them anymore!


What wonderful news! The auto-migration is a huge leap forward.


:o Congrats Mario! So excited with this release, looking forward to get back into my latest Lamdera hobby app :smiley:

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