Looking for feedback on a new I18n Solution for Elm

Hi Elm community, long time lurker here :slight_smile:

I recently stumbled over A vision for data interchange in Elm and Protobuf and was inspired by the approach to use compile time to optimize client-server communication. I noticed I was loading reasonably large JSON files containing static texts for internationalization and wondered if I could optimize that. What I’m doing now is converting common I18n Formats (.json and .properties so far) to a flat JSON array as well as replacing placeholders by simple numbers.

There are a couple of existing I18n generators for Elm but as far as I could tell, they did not go as far as my approach in terms of optimization (more on the differences in the README).

I would love if you could give me some feedback/give my package a try.

I want this to be a useful addition to the community, so if you have any feature requests go ahead and I will probably implement them :slight_smile:

Currently I’m writing a webpack plugin wrapping this package as well.


Hi, the README is missing the supported formats, and I think that it is key in order to consider adoption. Could you update it? Thanks!

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The supported formats are in the “Feature Overview” at the moment, but I should probably make an extra section for that. Especially because I got a request to support Fluent syntax as well.

Thank you for your feedback.

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I noticed the current npm version is 2.1.4, but there are no releases on GitHub. You can create GitHub releases easily if you bump your version with npm version and then do a git push && git push --tags before npm publish.
I have a custom compile-time i18n process (language directories with plain elm files full of string constants) but I’m following your GitHub releases now :wink:

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