(I have posted this on the elm and on the meteor forums)

This is my attempt to use elm as the view layer for a meteor based project. I tried to keep this example as simple as possible. I want to mention that:

  • The example is a mega-counter example :wink: connected to a db (mongodb) on the server, so the data is persistent.

  • I have not used a meteor-build-plugin to compile elm, because it has not worked out for me. Instead Iā€™m using the elm make command in combination with inotifywait to compile elm to js and then include the output via a meteor package to stop meteor from compiling the elm-output again.

  • Meteor owns the state of the published collections, elm is only responsible for displaying the data. (from the elm guide: state should be owned by Elm or by JavaScript, never both)

  • If you want to run the example on your locale machine, you have to install meteor and elm, clone the repo and then run meteor run watchelm and in another terminal meteor run.

  • The data is updated as you click on the numbers, so everyone sees the same counters changing live. You can open another browser window to watch the changes you are making.

live demo:
github repo:

If this has sparked you interest, let me know if I should post another more comprehensive example with authentication, validation, user permissions, rate limiting aso. Maybe the realworld example.

Feedback is welcome!


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