New Elm-pair release adds support for Visual Studio Code

Hi folks! I’ve been continuing work on Elm-pair. Since there’s been a bunch of additions since my previous post I thought I’d give an update!

First off, Elm-pair will now help you when you rename a variable, type, or constructor. If you change the name in one place, Elm-pair will update the rest.

animation demonstrating renaming functionality

Next, Elm-pair is now available as an extension for Visual Studio Code in addition to Neovim. If you wanna give it a try, it’s in the VSCode Marketplace. I’m looking forward to adding support for many additional editors.

vscode screenshot annotated with installation steps

If this sounds useful you can find installation instructions at I’d love your feedback!


This looks amazing, and I will play around with it right away.
Does it support editing across files? (e.g. when editing the name of an exposed function)

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Thank you for the nice words! Renaming across files is not yet supported, but it’s the thing I’m currently working on.


This is a awesome tool. I installed it right after your announcement of the vscode support but didn’t have time to play around with it then and forgot about it. Yesterday I did some elm coding again and did not understand why it felt different (in a positive way) at first. I then realized that it was your plugin that was making me smile while coding… Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


This made me really happy to read @konnik. Thank you for sharing!

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