New package for working with the new Time API


I’ve started to work on a package for working with dates in Elm 0.19

This is my very first contribution to the elm ecosystem. I have created some functions for operating with the dates, but I have to apply now the shift based on the timezones.

I’m blocked because I need Zone and Era exposed on the elm/time, and I have created a bug on elm/time but I can’t expect or wait until this is resolved as I need.

What do you recommend me to do? The only thing it comes to my mind is to copy Zone and Era to the package, and use them instead of the ones defined in the elm/Time library. But this is a bad idea in my opinion.

Any help here is appreciated :slight_smile:

BTW, as a side note, creating a package was really difficult because of the lack of documentation, I wish elm had some section in the docs or the guide for contributing to the ecosystem.

In regards to using custom Zones, Justin Mimbs has the IANA Time-Zone database in this Elm-Package:

He also has a 0.19 compatible Date / Time library which is in the same vein as yours:

You might be able to see how he has tackled some of these problems.

Thanks! I had a look but I haven’t decided anything yet. I’m thinking about it…

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