[Package] Elm-Cursor

Hi all,

If you’re anything like me then you’d rather not have to type more than is necessary, and you can’t remember everything…

Repeatedly typing

import Html.Attributes as Attr

El.htmlAttribute <|
    Attr.style "cursor" "some value"

just to change the type of cursor displayed was becoming tiresome so I created my own module to ease the [admittedly minor] workload, and then decided it might be useful to others, so I’ve just released Elm-Cursor.

It supports Elm-UI and the core Html package, and provides a couple of benefits that some might find useful:

  • Less typing (mainly when using Elm-UI)
  • Editor hints when using a Language Server such as elm-language-server
  • No risk of typos in the strings

Hope it’s useful to some.


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