Please help me collect Elm and Angular sentiment data!

If you have experience with either Elm or Angular, please fill out the following form. On average it only takes 5 minutes, and I tried to make the answers a little fun. Please go with your first instinct on each question!

Elm and Angular sentiment survey

We have a large-audience, TED-talk-like presentation coming up at my workplace. My presentation will attempt to quantify some aspects of two different web technologies: Angular which we use extensively already, and Elm, of which we only have one application running in production. Even though it’s just one app, we gained valuable experience, and would like to see how that generalizes. Was our experience with Elm unique? How does it compare to Angular? Are we doing things in-house differently than the rest of the world?

Your answers to the sentiment survey linked above will help with this. I have posed the same exact survey questions in-house. When I get enough data, I’ll try running it through terezka/charts.

If you have any recommendations for how I can share this survey with more Angular and Elm developers, I’d love to hear it. Are there questions you think should have been on the survey?

Thanks in advance.



The waterfall looks so lovely…

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