Pokemon Sword/Shield Helper App in Elm

(Posted over in Elm Slack #news-and-links as well)
Hey there folks!

For those like me who are neck deep in Pokemon Sword/Shield with no end in sight, I made a kind of “helper app” for the game.

It provides pokemon lookup, and gives you type matchup information for single and dual-type matchups so you can pick the perfect pokemon to send into a Max Raid Battle!

There is also now a feature where it helps you “party plan” – you tell it what party members you have and it will evaluate type matchup coverage, and if you have 5/6 party members it will even suggest types/dual-types to fill that last slot for you!

The entire thing is written in Elm, with some custom JSON files for the data I need (See README as to why I’m not using an API for it)

Github link: https://github.com/3digitdev/swshdex
Live app: https://dex.3digit.dev (fully responsive and mobile ready!)

I will accept Issues and PRs from anyone, and while I have some TODOs already for cleanup, I welcome suggestions for making my code more idiomatic!


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