Ports example: external library


I extracted a basic example out of a client project where we interface with the Plaid Link library. I think this is a good example of interop between an Elm app and a library that has its own UI, like Link or Stripe Checkout.

I’d love feedback, so if you have any, please comment on my pull request. I’ll also take constructive feedback on the actual Elm code as well, since this was my first Elm app. Maybe a separate thread would be right for that.

Thanks in advance!

/c @matt.cheely


Have you tried communicating with Plaid directly from Elm through their Http API?

Are you talking about the Plaid API or an API for Plaid Link itself (check out the demo to see it in action) If the former, no, and with the private tokens needed I’m not sure I could, securely. That’s where Link comes in handy.

Thanks for the pull request! I’m excited to take a look at it! February was a hectic month, but I’m starting to get caught back up, so I’ll should be able to at least take a first look at it this weekend.

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