Possible project: docs previewer

I just wrote up a new possible project here: a way to preview docs locally!

I don’t think it’s a super hard project, but for some reason no one has tried it as far as I know.

P.S. All the projects on the projects page focus on delayed coordination.

They require no coordination to get started. It doesn’t matter who else is working on it or who has worked on it before. If you want to do it, you can go for it. In some cases like elm-format and elm-test the independent work is great and warrants further coordination. So this independent phase creates a filter after which the cost/benefit of close coordination can be evaluated. Is the quality where it needs to be? How much work would it be to integrate? What’s the benefit? Can that work be batched with another project to increase throughput? Should it be reformulated in some creative way? Are there steps towards integration that can happen independently? Etc.


Relevant for anyone considering picking this up:


@ilias, my documentation parser isn’t done, so I wouldn’t recommend looking at it. I am trying to break parts of package.elm-lang.org out so that other folks can use them as well, but it’ll be after 0.19 when that is actually ready.

So like I said, don’t block on other folks having done things in the past. (I also think communication about the results is also really important! If you think there’s already a good answer, blog about it.)

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I’ve been looking at an Elm ecosystem project to tackle, and wanted to approach this. Has it already been picked up by anybody? Or, if it has, do they desire collaboration?


Alright, it’s been a day, and no ones spoken up, so I’m going to assume I’m not stepping on toes to jumpstart this. If I am, let me know.

Any suggestions from anyone beyond Ilias’s above?

There is this project

elm-docs-preview by christophp

It’s a pretty good start - copies the css well. Big missing feature is hot reloading, and there’s more in the “room for improvement” section that you might be able to work on.

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