Post "Elm at Rakuten"

You may have seen this around already, but in case you didn’t, this is a post about our story of using Elm in production at Rakuten for a couple of years:


While this post is nice, given the setup I was hoping to read more about your actual experience with Elm. As the post is, it feels more like a description of various language features, and not so much how you actually use those features at Rakuten :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for writing this up! Very comprehensive and a great resource to share with people who are considering using Elm for a project!


I feel a little sad when I see this tone in responses. Luca is sharing something and putting in effort to creating a thoughtful post. When people put in effort to share content, it’s really nice to hear appreciation of the content, or even something else that you might also be interested to hear. But this sounds like it’s saying you wish the post was something different, which I imagine as the author could feel like it’s deflating it or shooting it down.

I don’t mean to take this thread on a tangent, but just wanted to voice that. Hopefully you don’t mind me sharing the feedback.


While writing the post I realized that what sounded interesting to me about adopting Elm was mainly a series of wow! moments that didn’t look so interesting when written down.

So I end up shifting the target of the post from Elm developers to non-Elm developers. The post, hopefully, can give these developers the needed extra boost of confidence to leave their comfort zone and learn new tech.

But I also wanted to leave in there the fact that Elm is used in production. Probably the perception about the quantity of Elm running in production is different from the reality as, I think, many companies use it but they don’t say it publicly.

These are a couple of comments that I got so far that particularly pleased me:

“Great information to take decisions! So thanks for sharing[. It] helps us!”

“Thank you for the exhaustive article! Definitely put Elm on my map.”

I have plans of writing other posts related to the adoption of Elm so hopefully, I will be able to be more specific in the future.

In the meantime, yes, the post became more of a “Why Elm?” type of post but I think there will never be too many of these.


No reason to fret. I wasn’t trying to suggest that your post didn’t have value or any such thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just wanted to write my impression as a reader, because I write blog posts myself, and I would want to know if my readers felt some dissonance reading something I wrote. My impression is entirely my own though, and it’s completely natural for others to have different experiences :blush:


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