Release of my first mobile Game built with Elm: Touch me When!

I am excited to announce the release of my first mobile game, built entirely with Elm (and ported to mobile using Tauri v2 beta)!

This game is a (very simple) fast-paced two-player challenge designed for local play on the same device. Players race to tap the screen when colors and shapes match to score points.

Currently available for iPhone only (Android version is in review, but Google requires another 2 weeks of closed testing before approving it).

You may download it at the Apple Store: ‎Touch me When na App Store


Would love to know when the Android version is available! Games like this can be a lot of fun when traveling.

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Very cool! I wonder how many other games are in the app store built on Elm… :thinking: .

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I wonder that as well!

Elm + Tauri fells like a great combo for simple mobile games :smile:


Android users: I need your help!

I’m trying to release a version of this game for Android, but since I’m an individual developer, Google imposes a more strict verification process before allowing me to publish a new App.

They require a 14 days period of closed beta testing with at least 20 testers. Can you help me with that? All you gotta do is download the closed beta version and open it from time to time (like once a day) to count as active user.

To become a tester, all you need to do is join a Google group (they use this as a way to control who can download the App, so it must be with the same email you use on your Android account) at:

And then you should be able to download the App at:

Thanks a lot for your help! :smile:


Well, I lost my first game :sweat_smile: but it was fun!

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Thanks for trying out! :smile:

Better luck next time :sweat_smile:

Fun game!

Sometimes the same shape and color shows again and it looks like the game pauses or hangs one step.

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Thanks for testing and for your feedback!

I’ll keep it in mind and might change that behavior in the future. :game_die:

For the Android app, it looks like the app icon is the Tauri logo. I had originally thought you had made a slick logo for your game because it is thematically appropriate, but I just came across Tauri’s logo and though “Hey, that looks familiar!”

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@dta, you are absolutely right!

I don’t own an Android device yet, so a friend was doing the testing and didn’t catch this issue.

I’ll fix it before the official launch. Thanks for your report!

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