Elm-card-game - Create Card Games in Elm

Hi :wave:, I just released elm-card-game. Checkout the guide and also the DEMO.

I created tons of card games over the last couple of years and this package is finally a way to digitalize them :tada: But I’m also very curious what other people make with it :eyes:

It’s fully customizable and can be extended, replaced or used as baseline for your own packages.

No magic included :wink:


Looks absolutely lovely <3

I’d be interested in seeing those card games!

I publish all my games at https://orasund.itch.io/. So you can expect to see them there at some point.

This is so cool! Are all of these built with Elm?

yeah. All of them are in Elm. I love writing turn-based games in Elm. It’s just so simple.


I’ve just released my first game using the library:


Nice work, looks extremely slick! If I come up with an idea for a card game I’ll definitely give it a try.

I just made first place in the local game jam of my city.

It’s quite a nice demonstration of elm-card-game. You can also find the source on github and I also wrote a small devlog about the DSL I used for this game.

a bit unrelated: I have also started a devlog about rewriting one of my old games. In the devlog i try to cover both game design and programming in Elm. You can find a sneak peak on the github repos. I will announce it in a new thread once I have published my first few logs.


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