Requesting advice on packaging

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with Elm’s Packaging system for a few days now, due to – what I see as – significant restrictions that are just extremely painful to work around:

  • First and foremost: Only GitHub is supported.
  • Only versions >= 1.0.0 are possible (technically breaking SemVer spec)
  • getting packages from git is impossible (?)

That being said, the part I am mostly seeking advice on is the latter part. Is it possible to git clone elm-stuff/external/whatever or something similar to access an unpublished module?

Thanks in advance for any reply :slight_smile:

I’ve not used it, but there is GitHub - robinheghan/elm-git-install: A tool for installing private Elm packages from any git url.. I think I’ve seen other, similar tools too though their names are escaping me.

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