Reuse logic of GUI element

Hi there,

Let say I have an input field with suggestions : when I type, it suggest some possible inputs either by calling an API or in a predefined list.

So I need a massage to pass to an update method to handle the ‘oninput’ event, a function which returns a list of suggestions from the input and a view element, like an input field to display the value and the list of suggestions.

Question : how can I make this code reusable to have many fields like that without duplicating everything ?

My question is not very precise because I don’t exactly know how to call that capability : generic, dispatch, composition, components, younameit.

Basically what I want to do it to attach a suggestion function to an input field, this for many fields and functions (or partial function).

Thanks for your hints

For the view a usual way is to have a reusable view that wraps your input. This view could have arguments like:

type Args msg =
  { currentInputValue: String
  , suggestions: List String
  , onInput: String -> msg 

inputWithSuggestion: Args msg -> Html msg

When you type something in the input, it will emit a message specified by the wrapper application. The update in the application will get the suggestions and eventually feed them to the input via suggestions.

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