Slack Alternatives and Mozilla

Given the discussion in Elm's Slack logback is failling the community I thought the community here would like to see Mozilla’s similar work at

They are trying to replace IRC and are currently evaluating Mattermost, Matrix/Riot.IM, Rocket.Chat, and Slack. They’ll be standing up test instances of all but Slack and evaluating each one over the next few weeks.


I would add to the list as a possible alternative.

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Only problem I have with keybase is the Android notifications are not bundled.

Doesn’t Keybase store all the data for your teams locally? I’m not sure how well that would work out for active channels like #general.

They discarded Zulip, Gitter.IM and Spectrum.Chat because of (their) technical requirements. We don’t have those, so they can still be candidates for us.

2 Likes may be worth a look, in particular if messy archives are an issue.

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I really hope for us to land on something open source.

Regarding keybase, they don’t even let you disable the startup of their app on linux. At least not via the UI…


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