Solid web app written in Elm

Hello Folks,

I’ve made a small rewrite (first several steps) of a Solid app from lunch-time tutorial using Elm.

I was wondering if there are any plans to implement some API purely in Elm, or ports will suffice?
That would be great if Elm was present in the front-row of next generation World Wide Web. :smiley:

Here is the link just in case if you’re wondering what I’m talking about:


I saw this yesterday and find it very interesting. I would be interested in helping with such a project.

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@dta I am exploring Solid as this is a new topic for me. :wink: As far as I can see there is a space for at least several different projects because it is indeed complex piece of technology. However I definitely need more time to read and make some research first.

If in the meantime someone starts any project related to Solid, I would also be happy to contribute. :slight_smile:

Small update: I finished the tutorial - it is available on GitHub.

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I started looking at Solid recently as well, after reading the Tim Berners-Lee post over the weekend. The concept of Solid as a ‘vendor-agnostic storage for webapps’ seems like a breath of fresh air compared to the centralized silos we have today. Solid also seems like it would a good fit for Elm, as it takes care of the server/storage side, letting developers focus on client-side apps.

My only concern is that Inrupt/Solid are intent on using web standards whenever possible. Although Elm currently outputs JS, that probably won’t always be the case, and Elm itself is not a web standard, so the Solid community may be hesitant to use or rely on Elm in general.

That said, I think it’s definitely worth exploring to see how Elm could be used with Solid, at least for individual projects. Is there someplace where we can have a running thread about this? I was going to suggest this forum, I don’t want to have to start a new thread and fragment history/resources if we all happen to be busy for a 10-day stretch.

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