Sortable and Pageable Table Library

I typically use the elm-sortable-table library, but I find myself in a situation where I need to paginate the data after it is sorted. Because the sorting happens in the libraries view function, there is no way to winnow the list down to the correct page while using the normal library. I have searched and cannot find an existing library that does this. There is the jschomay/Paginate library, which looks useful, except I need to do sorting and then pagination, not pagination and then sorting.

The two options that I see are two either reimplement the sortable-table functionality in my app and then implement the pagination behavior, or else to create a new library that does both sorting and pagination. What do people think of a library that would extend the functionality of the standard elm-sortable-table library with pagination?

Extending functionality is always welcome. As I see it, always start doing a pull request or opening an issue on an existing project. Afterwards, if you do create a library, show it to the community before pushing to the package repository. I would also recommend showing in the README why this package was needed showing that you tried to help an existing package or why it didn’t make sense to help the existing project and that creating something new was the only viable solution.

In my case, only one out of three potential new packages actually made sense.

@Enkidatron I would suggest that you write it your self, consult published code, but ulitmately fit it to your needs.

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