State of Elm survey results

If you use pure CSS but not elm-css, I highly recommend you give that a try. It gives you 100% of the flexibility of CSS, but many of the guarantees (type safety, fast compile times, etc.) that we love about elm.

Yes I am one of these old timers that have been using css forever. I have my way of thinking about it and css in itself has a lot of progress when it comes to responsive design etc that are separate from web applications. As an example intrinsic design would not be relevant/applicable if you go with something like elm-ui. I try to think in those terms when designing today and the less media queries there are the better. When ever container queries will be a thing I will claim css is perfect. :slight_smile:

But as elm-ui goes it is probably the best bet if you want a “layout/design engine” but as soon as you want to do your own thing every abstraction gets in your way I feel. As web development in Elm what I personally would like is the “type-awareness” that elm-css gives. I have started on a project that parses CSS classes/ids and generates Elm modules from that. That is basically the only thing I want. Then adding elm-review-unused would solve all problems with large code bases with CSS as I see it…

I did try elm-css (in its beginning) and I liked it but as said above my preference is to have all the powers css gives me and the only thing I miss is the awareness of css in my Elm apps. I kind of feel the urge to dig up that old hack to generate elm types from css that I started now. :slight_smile:

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