Amazed at the pace of the discourse these days!

All is said.

I haven’t been able to follow closely the community activity for the past two months, but each time I log in here, I’m amazed at the number of threads with activity for the past 10 days. It feels like for someone not working with elm everyday, the time is gone when you could follow most of what was happening on reddit / discourse / slack.

It’s a bit sad for my curiosity but great for the language and community size! I would be curious to see stats regarding discourse if that’s something doable. Hope this is not just my impression. Happy coding!


Stats are available to admins, but I don’t see any reason why we can’t share them publicly. Here’s a screenshot of the past year (we’re almost at 1 year exactly! Hooray!)


Things I notice:

  • we have a spike on everything the first week or so, then a lull.
  • we have a consistent stream of new contributors to the community
  • people are posting and checking on a pretty active basis
  • new topics really picked up around late August / early September. I wonder why that could be? :wink:

what are DAU and MAU?

Daily active users / monthly active users. The “?” says:

No. of members that logged in in the last day divided by no of members that logged in in the last month – returns a % which indicates community ‘stickiness’. Aim for >30%.

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Any chance you could show the same for the slack? Just out of interest (and maybe it’s useable for a talk?)

I’m an admin on Slack, but not the primary admin, so I don’t want to share those stats without discussing it. Would you mind asking in #admin-help there?

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Feels like much longer than 1 year. In the sense that we’ve discussed and learned a lot, rather than that time goes slowly round here. :grinning:


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Fwiw, slack addresses a different use case, so it’s not a direct comparison. People go to each tool for different reasons, so it’s likely that the same people would appear on the monthly user list, but the transaction rate would be (naturally) a higher count on slack.
What would be very interesting to see would be the “churn” (eg slack users giving up after a few posts, or discourse threads with zero replies).
A similar discussion is happening at the moment in the Fedora community.

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