State of JS 2021

The State of JS 2021 survey will close at the end of the month. It’s a good time to tell you are an Elm user :wink:


From the official guide:

  • Every question of the survey is optional and can freely be skipped
  • You can use a fake ( or non-identifying email to take the survey anonymously

Elm is showing up as an option toward the end in a couple of questions if I remember well, and it is also present as a keyword in some “Others” input fields.

Be ready to be judged on your JavaScript knowledge and to take hard decisions:


Thanks, it was nice to get an overview over modern web development. All the new web API’s in particular.


That’s funny. The pairings I got seem to be different than yours :slight_smile: I guess it’s a feature.

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Jim Morrison has just completed the survey :stuck_out_tongue:

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