Static site generator Elmstatic upgraded to Elm 0.19

Last year, I made an Elm-to-HTML static site generator, Elmstatic. It was stuck on Elm 0.18 for a while, until I finally found the time to update it (I had to switch from using elm-static-html-lib to jsdom).

The current set of features is:

  • Pages generated from Elm code (you can use elm-ui , html or any other package that generates Html msg values)
  • CSS generated from elm-css stylesheets in Elm code (but you can use plain old stylesheets if you like)
  • Page templates for posts and lists of posts (fully customisable)
  • Optional subsections with separate streams of posts (eg /postgres and /elm on this site)
  • The content of posts and pages is written in Markdown
  • Posts can have multiple tags
  • A page with a list of posts is generated for each tag
  • RSS is generated for the posts
  • Code highlighting via Highlight.js (but you can set up whatever you want)
  • Support for draft posts

Elmstatic remains an early stage project for now: error handling is limited, and I haven’t done any performance optimisation. However, I’m using it for, so it’s not just a prototype!

You can find more details here:


Thank you for making this!

I really like being able to edit the markdown files instead of having to put markdown inside Elm code.

I am currently experimenting with it for a documentation site I use for my students. About javascript unfortunately, but maybe someday for Elm :-).

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