Support for Linux on ARM

Hello Elm community.

It looks like currently Elm is not supported in Docker running natively on ARM/M1 Macs. The problem are not technical difficulties, it just the missing binary build for Linux aarch64. I was able to build a version using the following article: Install Elm for Linux arm64 - DEV Community

Is there a way to add the binary to the existing 0.19.1-5 version on, or can somebody ship a new version? :blush: If anybody is interested why exactly I can provide you the full story, but I think a new version would really fix all my problems.


Have you tried installing Nix? Elm is installable via Nix instead of npm and Nix supports ARM. In the past I used this to get elm working on an Android device. I believe Nix now also have working support for M1 Macs, so you might not even need a Docker container…


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