Two small birthday games for my parents

Hi folks! Recently as a :birthday: birthday gift to my Mom and Dad, I completed and dedicated one small web game each. I’m sharing them here because I hope you enjoy playing them.

It’s not obligatory but I would be grateful if someone wanted to give my code a quick review as well. I coded these fast and with an aim to shipping them on a short timeline rather than to pristine code quality, but nonetheless perhaps I’m overlooking some easier ways of doing things or big opportunities to make the codebases more extensible/maintainable?

Game 1: Burger Boss

Play Burger Boss

Game 2: Pretty Good Math

Play Pretty Good Math


Love the ability to play Burger Boss with keyboard only!

Pretty Good Math is fun too, but I get a bug on Firefox where it doesn’t load, with the error:

The link is core/hints/ at 1.0.0 · elm/core · GitHub which suggests that it might be an incorrect flag being passed in.

@wolfadex Thanks for the bug report! I’ve seen that too, but can’t get a consistent repro. I was hoping it was just something that would happen to me because I have run the game in its earlier versions when perhaps the flags were different. I am always able to fix the issue by deleting local storage data. The next time it happens I will try to take a peek at what’s in there.

Are you passing data into Elm as raw values like String and Int or are you passing them in as Json.Decode.Value and then decoding? My guess is raw values. That’s usually what leads to something like this.

Yeah, raw values. I will look into refactoring to use Json.Decode.

It almost feels like cheating! I also like that multiple key presses at once works. I even hit 12345 all at once to serve 3 and fire up the other 2 at one point.


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