Unnecessary files downloaded by elm install

Why does elm install download unnecessary files such as README.md and docs.json?

I’m not sure why it was done at first in 0.19.0 (and maybe before, I don’t remember), but now it allows some tools to show the documentation offline, for example zwilias/elm-doc or dmy/elm-doc-preview.

Also note that the whole package release GitHub archive is downloaded anyway, so the question is more why are these files extracted.

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It’s for offline documentation! The README.md is downloaded, but the docs.json file is not in the downloaded bundle. It is actually generated when the package is verified on your machine!

Ultimately, it’d be great to have access to offline docs in elm reactor and the current design is to help folks create tools that make that possible without too much extra work.


Note that a .zip file of the GitHub repo for a package is downloaded, then elm extracts certain parts of it. Minor difference, but might be relevant.

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