Use common variable in Url.Parser in all URLs for language code

We are using a parser similar to this one:

parser : Parser (Route -> a) a
parser =
        [ Home
        , About (s "about")
        , Login (s "login")
        , Logout (s "logout")
        , ChangeLanguage (s "change-language" </> string)

and we want to add language codes to all the urls in order to set the language like:

  • /en/about, /es/about, …
  • /en/login, /es/login, …

What is the recommended way for doing this?

Do we have to add to every line the parser? About (string </> s "about")

and add that code to every Route?

type Route
        = About lang

Or is there any better approach?


You can put the call to string before the entire parser:

routeWithLanguage : Parser (( String, Route ) -> a) a
routeWithLanguage = Tuple.pair (string </> route)

Depending on your context, it might also be nice to use a custom type for supported languages instead of String. You can use use s and oneOf to accomplish that.


Thanks a lot @hkgumbs!

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