Visualizing module dependencies with Kite

Kite now helps you visualize the module dependency graph of your elm project.
Here is a video that illustrates how to do it.


Here are some improvements made after the last announcement:

  • undo/redo
  • elm-ui for the layout. There is no css any more.
  • multiple files with animated transitions between them. (This makes step-by-step visualizations of algorithms easy.)
  • using local storage for saving the graphs
  • an example for algorithm visualization (Dijsktra’s shortest path algorithm)
  • labels for nodes and edges
  • individual gravity centers for each node

You can see the roadmap for future plans.


The UI looks fantastic and I love how smooth it is. The video is nice also.

Maybe there are some algorithms out there to optimize the nodes positions by minimizing edges overlaps? I believe that graphviz uses something like that?


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The best that I could find online is dagre.
My hope is that in the future, people are going to implement graph drawing algorithms as elm packages and Kite is going to use them.

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